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Hello Loves 

My name is Elisa Cavaliere, but I also go by "E". It's nice to meet you and welcome to my Life. <3 

When I first thought about creating a website, I fought with myself for a long time on what I should blog about. I tried to write down all the things I loved and realized my list was pretty long. It is said, blogs should be "focused", have a specific reason why people should want to come to your blog, well as my mother would say...


So why should anyone come to read my blog? Because I love to inspire. I want to help feed the positivity in your life, so that I could change the way you look at everything. also I go on a lot of really cool and random adventures that i will be sharing with you along the way.

My best and worst attribute has always been that I live life to the max. I'm constantly on the move, trying something new or venturing to the unknown. I love getting lost and finding new things and I believe that everything happens for a reason. 

I hope you will join me on my future adventures.