Who needs sleep when you live in NYC. Ever since I have moved to NYC my after work social life has been wild. I find myself getting home around 12:30/1:00 and still getting up at 7:00 am, but it Is well worth it! NYC has a certain adventurous oar about it that makes you want to push boundaries, and although usually that can be dangerous it never hurts to step outside of your comfort zone as long as you do it in a safe manor!

So tonight ! 

Tonight I went to a Hendricks Gin event and an electric house event after party. The Hendricks event was amazing! I absolutely suggest RSVP for their next event as they are holding a series that include tastings and mixing your own drinks! Not only do you meet people at your table that you interact with but you get the chance to test your alter career as a bar tender. This evening we made three drinks (Cucumber & Blood Orange Cooler, Cucumber Lemonade, and Tenured Punch) although Cucumber & Blood Orange Cooler, and Tenured Punch were pretty good Cucumber Lemonade absolutely blew me out of the water how delicious it was. Not being a big Gin fan I can say Hendricks Is a top notch gin that earned it's way to my heart. (And later in the evening when my friend order'd a gin and tonic from bottom shelf I REALLY appreciated the quality of Hendricks gin. This is one of those times when you realize quality means a lot. So the event took about two hours, it was interactive, and I left very happy aka tipsy for free. Here is the link to the Hendricks page (Hendricksgin.com) . I highly suggest to subscribe  I was given the heads up there will be another even BIGGER event December 10th and 11th so definitely stay tuned!

Here are some pictures from this evening . Enjoy


Thank you,

     Elisa Cavaliere