New Years Eve... what is it really about?

"New Years Eve"... what is it really about? Spending a boat load of money to go out on this one night because it is so much better than every other night? Having everything perfect? the perfect outfit, nails, hair, makeup...? Getting "Wasted" ? trying to coordinate everyone together ? trying to fit circles into squares and rectangles into triangles? 

Figuring out my new years plans was a PAIN this year, but eventually lead me to realize a LOT about priorities and whats really worth the stress. at the end of the day where you are means nothing If you are not spending it with the people who matter. 

and who cares if nothing worked out the way you wanted to. it works out the way it is meant to and thats what is most important. 

This is a great segue to my New years resolution.... letting go of trying to make things "Work" and just simply enjoying myself and the people who care to be around me =] 

2014 #TheYearOfEnlightenment