No Pants Subway Ride 2014: Pictures

Hello Love's 

So today was AWESOME. #NoPantsSubwayRide is an experience EVERYONE must live through at least once. there is something so awesome about people coming together to just bare it all and be completely normally about it. 

So i cant lie if i didn't say i wasn't nervous before heading over to Foley Square at 3, and yes for about a half an hour i thought MAYBE i'll just do this next year, but when it came down to it i had to do this. I made a commitment to myself to Experience everything about NYC and this is one of those monumental adventures. 

Although today was my first time participating, it was actually the 12th annual #NoPantsSubwayRide . With that said i knew the best thing i could do was go and find some veterans who knew what they were doing and could calm my nerves. So when i arrived at Foley Square that is exactly what I did. 

After speaking with a few veterans and event organizers i was fully pumped up to take off my pants. The group i was apart of took the ride from Foley Square uptown on the 6 to 59th where we got off and transferred to the 6 downtown to make our way to Union Square to the ending spot.

Now I don't want to describe the event too much as i truly feel visuals can explain much better. However I must say my favorite part of being apart of this adventure is being on the subway with no pants on and looking at the people who have pants on who are now questioning if they should take off theirs pants because EVERYONE around them is bottomless. The power of influence and mass acceptance is astonishing

So i will be posting a video later on this week so if you were not able to join in on the experience you can live vicariously through my camera lens so don't forget to check back later, but for now here are just a few shots from todays Adventure.

I can now officially check "No Pants Subway Ride"   off my bucket list  

Enjoy the pictures and let me know what you think in the comments Below