Where to Donate to get Free Stuff 👍

Hey Loves,

So as you may know one of the many things I do is work at The New York Blood Center. so naturally i know where all the drives are that you can get free stuff for donating. Now i am not saying that is why you should donate because believe me the mission is much bigger than that! There are people Everyday that need something that only one human can give to another! Now i wont get into all the statistics but ill leave you with two of my favorite Facts:

- 1 Pint of blood donated can potentially save 3 lives!

- Only 2% of New Yorkers donate and if everyone was to bring a buddy we would collect at 4% and NEVER have a shortage!        *So bring a buddy*

So if anyone is off tomorrow and wants to head over to 87th and 3rd avenue I will be there giving #Free #AMC movie tickets to all presenting donors! Best part, there is an AMC movie theater RIGHT THERE!  

Heres the Info one more time:

1 #FREE #AMC movie Ticket to all Presenting Donors
87th and 3rd Avenue (Off the 86th street station on the 4,5,6)

2:00-8:00 PM

I hope i see you all tomorrow.



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