Birthday Celebration : 25 Years

Hello Loves,

So story of my life i NEVER can find time! I wanted to post these photos weeks ago but life stepped in. But as my mother always says and i TRULY live my life by ... 

"Better Late then Never" -Tweet It

So my 25th birthday was absolutely amazing. Although i will admit i was bugging out that i was turning a quarter century old and lord knows i have not accomplished all i had thought by now, i had some really powerful conversations with people older and younger than me that put many things into prospective! 

As a society we put such pressure on ourselves to meet markers in our lives by a certain time and sometimes causing us to force thing instead of letting them come naturally. If you had asked me at 17/18 where i would be when i was 25 my list would have looked a little something like this:

-Making over 80,000K
-Living in NYC with my Fiancé and our dog house hunting
-Engaged and Planning my wedding 

Well needless to say i am NO where near any of these things but the beauty in that is, i don't have a job i hate that i have just for the money, I don't live in a shoebox having to clean up after someone oh yea and picking up dog shit  AND i didn't force a relationship to stick to just "Have someone"

The one thing i have learned about life is that you just have to let it happen!

Sometimes our plans are only a fraction of what our reality could be and in all honesty i would not trade my life at all. 

Ok Ok Ok, enough mushy stuff.....

Lastly I just want to put out a SPECIAL thank you for EVERYONE who took the time out to wish me a Happy Birthday.  Sometimes the simplest of things can make the biggest impact and that is true of all the love and support i received that day. 

(Well, i had a really fun filled 2 weeks (Yes i went hard) celebrating this huge milestone, here are some of my favorites. Dont forget to check out the slide show as there were just too many for me to individually post. )

Hope you enjoy the Pictures, 



P.S- I would love to hear from you where you thought you think about milestone ages and any expectations you might have had. Are you exactly where you thought you would be ?  

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